AR.Pro 1.3 Released

The highly anticipated AR.Drone firmware that ushers in official Android support from Parrot is finally here!  

  • Parrot 1.7.4 Firmware supported and upgradable with the AR.Pro Firmware Pack.  Once installed you can select the target firmware in AR.Pro Preferences by tapping the Drone Firmware Version entry in Drone Information. 
  • Fixed Localization (affected DE & FR locales) bug in Preferences when attempting to modify Control Rates
  • Reverted back to a Softened touchpad ACTION_DOWN event.  There should be a noticable improvement.
  • Added Left Handed Mode.  This mode moves the touchpad to the left side of the screen when not in Dual Sticks mode.
  • Added Swap Sensor/Stick Controls setting in Input Parameters.  This toggle swaps pitch and yaw with roll.  When used in Dual Sticks mode it swaps the controls between the two touchpads, otherwise it swaps accelerometer roll with the touchpad pitch and yaw surfaces, similar to RC Mode 1 and 2. 
  • Preferences moved the SeekBar's title below the bar and the bar value above it.  Makes it much easier to read the numeric values as you are changing them with the slider.
  • Disabled Infrastructure Patch Install/Uninstall for firmwares greater than 1.5.1
  • Disabled Auto SSID Connect due to a platform bug.
  • Integrated Parrot's (now functional) Combined Yaw function.  You can now switch between the Parrot and AR.Pro implementations.  AR.Pro Combined Yaw provides a configurable mixing rate as well as reverses the yaw mix when the drone is going backwards.
  • Added an Electronic Change Log (you're reading it now).  You can view the Change Log at any time by selecting it in General Settings.


Gareth Brandwood's Online Help Manual 


Gareth has invested a considerable amount of his own time developing a comprehensive manual for AR.Pro  You can find Gareth's manual at!