AR.Pro 1.2 Adds a Flight Counter & On Screen Yaw Mixing Toggle

AR.Pro version 1.2 hit the Android Market 3/21/2011 and with it comes a couple new exciting features.  Additionally, a lot of tuning has been happening behind the scenes in support of xLarge (Tablet) displays and sensors.

The below snapshot illustrates the new Flight Counter and the Yaw Mixing toggle in its disabled state:

Here you can see the Yaw Mixing toggled activated:

Yaw Mixing can be enabled and disabled through AR.Pro's Input Settings Combined Yaw (AR.Pro - Works):

The Flight Counter is enabled through AR.Pro's General Settings and is triggered from the Take Off and Landing button:

Here you can see AR.Pro's new flashy splash screen:

These new features, coupled with localization for AR.Pro's 3 primary markets (English, French, and Deutch), as well as embedded Object Tracking make it the most feature rich, and trend setting, AR.Drone application available on the market.  Look for even more updates in the near future as it continues to evolve, primarily driven by the feedback and requests provided by its customers.




AR.Pro 1.2

 Available now on the Android Market!