Looking for a "Roundel" Target?

AR.Pro 1.20+ comes with a new detection and tracking feature that uses your AR.Drone's downward facing camera to detect a "roundel" target and, when enabled, track it.


Parrot has provided us a PNG file that you can print out with a color inkjet printer to utilize when wanting to do "roundel" detection.  

You can download it by following this link.

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Nice app (AR.Pro).

We have posted details of this on our website "The Parrot AR.Drone":



The tracking/following function looks like something interesting, I'd like to know more on how it functions. I suspect it can only track and follow certain objects, if that's correct, it most likely will only recognize another drone and the roundel above? I suppose too that the effectiveness is directly related to the controlling android devices performance, i.e. slower devices have a harder time controlling the droid's tracking?

Hi Rick,

Object Recognition and Tracking works in a couple different modes.  Using the front camera the drone will detect (and optionally follow) a color striped target such as the outside hull of another drone.  You can visit Target, or Michaels, or any number of crafts stores and buy a couple rolls of colored duct tape to make your own striped targets too.

Additionally, AR.Pro supports recognition and tracking of "roundel" targets using the downward facing camera.  This mode functions similarly to the forward camera tracking mode.

Hope this helps explain things a bit better.  I've been meaning to make a video of Object Recognition and Tracking for quite a while but have been unable to find the time.


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