Adaptive Tuner - Live Fuel Map Tuning

In addiiton to sporting a new AFR gauge, Voltage monitoring, and Knock sensor logging...

Adaptive Tuner also correctly detects an Adaptronic ECU's tuning mode, maximum MAP, RPM step, and VE flags and allows for the editing of both fuel maps.

You can watch a video of Adaptive Tuner in action here:




Available Exclusively on Google Play

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Hi Shell
My car is running an Adaptronic Select 440 ECU and I've been following your software development for a while.  I've bought a 'carputer' running Windows 7 so that I can easily change the tune and log data in my car.

Is it possible to have a 'dual boot' system (or something similar) so that I can run your Adaptive Tuner as well....then I can have the info showing on the touchscreen.

Thanks in advance for your help and definitely keep up the awesome work!


Hi Darren,

Assuming you can get Bluetooth functional with Android x86 ( I see no reason why you could not boot into it and run Adaptive Tuner.  Drop me a line via email (or by use of the site's contact form) and I'll point you to a downloadable version of Adaptive Tuner so that you don't have to go thru the hassle of side loading it.

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