KRT16O - Synman's GwT ROM for DEB

GwT is an experimental AOSP build for the N73G and N7LTE Nexus tablets for those wanting to stay as close to the intended Google Experience as possible. *SMS and MMS are fully functional as is tethering. *This ROM is slim with no bloat or non experience apps loaded and should serve well as a daily driver or as a base ROM for theming / framework hacks when the modder doesn't want to go through the trouble to create their own full build.

As with all things XDA, proceed at your own RISK. *


  • Pure AOSP (built from source) 4.4 [aosp_deb-user KRT16O]
  • Dual Pane Preferences (including System Preferences)
  • Reboot and Reboot Recovery options added to shutdown menu
  • Bundled with Launcher2 (survives GAPPs install)
  • Native dialer is exposed, but GSM voice capability still not possible *
  • Orientation Sensor supported Dialer (not yet)
  • Tethering & Hotspot is enabled
  • Full APN list
  • Full SMS and MMS Send & Receive
  • APN Settings Editor Preference no longer a dialog (exposed actions)
  • Phone Settings (and its children) no longer dialogs (fixes SIP Providers Editor)
  • Rock Solid ROM - As stable as stock
  • /system/bin/ for ease of rw mounting
  • No SimpleSmsReceiver
  • Sun Beam Live Wallpaper included
  • Updated boot animation
  • CRT screen off animation

What's Broke:

  • GSM Voice Communication (SIP works fine)
  • Google Experience Launcher is STILL hosed in landscape mode


Install Instructions (assumes already unlocked):

It is highly recommended that you start with a full wipe from a known good installation of the N7LTE stock binaries. *

If you don't know how to get to this initial state or how to proceed on your own bypassing this step then you have no business installing this ROM.

As of KRT16O GwT is installed via recovery. RC1 (based on the original Nexus 5 source) requires fastboot.

KRT16O Installation Instructions
Flash Google's Factory Image for KRT16O to your device and perform at least one full boot. This is the recommended baseline for KRT16O and ensures you have the most recent boot loader, kernel, and modem firmware installed.

Install the latest DEB version of TWRP or Clockwork Recovery and boot your tablet into it.

Download the GwT KRT16O zip file to your PC and copy it to your tablet's sd card.

Via recovery perform an install of the GwT KRT16O zip update.

Perform a factory reset of your tablet in Recovery.

Perform at least one full boot.

Optionally, Install GAPPs (a PA link is provided below) and once again perform a factory reset of your tablet in Recovery.

Optionally, root your tablet using the link provided below.

RC1 Installation Instructions
Download the GwT zip file and unzip it on your PC. Reboot your N7LTE into bootloader mode and from the directory where you unzipped the GwT archive to execute the following commands:

Shells-Retina-MBP:GwT shell$ export ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT=./
Shells-Retina-MBP:GwT shell$ fastboot -w flashall
Once the install is complete if unsure of next steps or problems occur perform a Factory Reset of your N73G. *

Reboot and allow GwT to fully boot.

Optionally, install the recommended Google Apps package referenced below.


XDA Direct Link*

XDA Direct Link*




Root / SuperSU (
SuperSU 1.51

Release Notes


  • Forward ported BT phantom dial bug fix -- yup it found its way into DEB and Kit Kat (thanks Google)
  • Found DEB's camera.
  • If you're unhappy with the Experience Launcher, AOSP Launcher2 will survive a GAPPs install if you want to revert to it
  • Dual Pane Preferences, including System Preferences
  • Advanced Power Menu (Reboot / Reboot Recovery)


  • Forward ported BT phantom dial bug fix -- yup it found its way into DEB and Kit Kat (thanks Google)
  • If you know where Camera is please let me know
  • You'll very likely want to copy Launcher2 from /system/priv-app back into /system/app after installing GAPPS. Google's Experience Launcher is not quite ready for primetime on our tablet yet.
  • Packaged with TWRP instead of the stock recovery... please thank the TWRP guys for all their hard work.


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