Introducing Genesis Connect!

Genesis Connect integrates Android with your 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe's Infotainment CANBus.  Your Android must support Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) and you must have a CANBus Triple for Genesis Connect to communicate with.

Genesis Connect relies on a CANBus Triple ( to communicate with your Genesis Coupe's Infotainment CANBus.  You will need wire the CAN LO and CAN HI connections from your Genesis Coupe's LCD connector to the CAN LO and CAN HI BUS 1 (Pins 3 & 4) wires on your CBT, as illustrated below:

Genesis Coupe LCD Connector

CANBus Triple Pinouts

Additionally you will need to grab my custom firmware for the CANBus Triple and use it in place of the one referenced on CBT's "Getting Started" page, linked above.  You can download my custom "sketch" for the CBT here:

Once you've completed wiring the LCD connection and have executed the CBT Getting Started procedure using my custom sketch, the next step is as simple as installing Genesis Connect onto your Bluetooth 4.0 capable Android and firing it up.

Here's a short video of a pre-release version of Genesis Connect in action:

You can download Genesis Connect from the Google Play store here:  Genesis Connect


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