WS23xx Weather Station Library

WS23xx.dll versions 1.0.0 through 1.0.2 are no longer available for distribution. The GNU GPL attached to the project is still valid, however no support is being offered. If you currently use version 1.0.0 through 1.0.2 it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version.

ws23xx Viewer is a simple User Interface that allows you to view weather data on your PC as your station receives it from its remote equipment. It is intended for anyone who owns a La Crosse ws23xx Compatible Weather Station wishing to view data provided by their weather station on their PC.


ws23xx Viewer also allows you to upload your Weather Data to Weather Underground using a predefined interval.

This is a preliminary release of the Viewer. It has not been tested on a wide range of weather stations. Feel free to download and use it, but understand that there is no warranty, written or implied.

You can download the ws23xx Viewer Installer (in .zip format) here. You can also download thews23xx Viewer Installation Guide if you have any questions about the software prior to installing and running it.

ws23xx is Licensed Free Software governed by the terms defined by the GNU General Public License. For those interested in doing their own development (Visual Studio 2005 is required) they may download the source only distribution of ws23xx Viewer and the core ws23xx Weather Library (in .zip format) here.

Prospective Developers should review the ws23xx API Reference Guide. If you have any questions or find any errors in the document please use our Feedback form detailing the question or error.

Shell M. Shrader 
Last updated: January 22, 2006