Nexus 7 3G 4.3 ROM w/ Camera, Messaging, SIP, Tethering, & Soft AP


GwT is an experimental AOSP build for the N73G for those wanting to stay as close to the intended Google Experience as possible. SMS and MMS are fully functional as is tethering. This ROM is slim with no bloat or non experience apps loaded and should serve well as a daily driver or as a base ROM for theming / framework hacks when the modder doesn't want to go through the trouble to create their own full build.

As with all things XDA, proceed at your own RISK. *

  • Pure AOSP (built from source) 4.3 [full_tilapia-user JWR66Y]
  • Reboot and Reboot Recovery options added to shutdown menu
  • Tablet UI Mode option added to Display Settings
  • Bundled with Nova Launcher & Launcher2
  • Native dialer is exposed, but GSM voice capability still not possible *
  • Orientation Sensor supported Dialer
  • Tethering & Hotspot is enabled
  • Full APN list
  • Full SMS and MMS Send & Receive
  • APN Settings Editor Preference no longer a dialog (exposed actions)
  • Phone Settings (and its children) no longer dialogs (fixes SIP Providers Editor)
  • Camera & Video Record via LegacyCamera
  • Rock Solid ROM - As stable as stock
  • /system/bin/ for ease of rw mounting
  • No SimpleSmsReceiver
  • AOSP NotePad included
  • Audible SMS Playback
  • Sun Beam Live Wallpaper included
  • Updated boot animation
  • CRT screen off animation

What's Broke:
  • GSM Voice Communication (SIP works fine)
  • Camera Panorama Mode
  • Have not found a stable version of Wallet with JB 4.3 yet


Install Instructions (assumes already unlocked):

It is highly recommended that you start with a full wipe from a known good installation of the N73G stock binaries. *
  • GwT RC1 (and older releases) requires a base install of JOP40D
  • GwT RC2 and RC3 require a base install of JDQ39
  • GwT RC4 and RC5 require a base install of JWR66V
  • GwT RC6 requires a base install of JWR66Y

If you don't know how to get to this initial state or how to proceed on your own bypassing this step then you have no business installing this ROM.

Since RC1 I have converted to a CWM/TWRP Recovery based install. *Download the GwT zip file and place it in the root of your sdcard directory. *Boot into CWM or TWRP recovery, select the GwT zip file and allow it to install.

Once the install is complete if unsure of next steps or problems occur perform a Factory Reset of your N73G. *

Reboot and allow GwT to fully boot.

Optionally, install the recommended Google Apps package referenced below.


XDA Direct Link*

XDA Direct Link*[coming soon] 
MIRROR (Google Docs)*

XDA Direct Link*
MIRROR (Google Docs)*





MIRROR: - md5: c1c193ca199e9ca9d4cca065bd786d4e - size: 162MB

MIRROR: [ROM] [EXPERIMENTAL] [AOSP] Grouper for Tilapia (Synman) md5: a5f6f7fbe1b55a2b7caf87c398a488d0


RC6 Google Apps Pack 4.3-JWR66Y by craigacgomez - Please thank & donate to Craig
Direct Download Link (pasted with permission): *

RC4 and RC5 Google Apps Pack 4.3.0 by craigacgomez - Please thank & donate to Craig
Direct Download Link (pasted with permission): *

RC3 and older Google Apps Pack 4.2.0 by craigacgomez - Please thank & donate to Craig
Direct Download Link (pasted with permission): *


RC4, RC5, RC6 Root / SuperSU (
SuperSU 1.51

Release Notes

RC6 - 8/25/2013
  • Forward ported all prior changes (JWR66Y)
  • Added CRT screen off animation
  • Corrected a long standing phantom outbound call on BT headset connect issue
  • Built as full_tilapia-user

RC5 - 8/15/2013
  • Forward ported all prior changes (JSS15J)
  • Adjusted call capabilities (hoping to fix phantom BT outgoing call on headset connect)
  • Built as full_tilapia-user

RC4 - 8/12/2013
  • Forward ported all prior changes (JWR66V)
  • Added Sun Beam Live Wallpaper
  • Updated boot animation
  • Built as full_tilapia-user

RC3 - 3/10/2013
  • Added Global API setting TABLET_UI_MODE
  • Added Reboot to Shutdown dialog
  • Added Reboot Recovery to Shutdown dialog
  • Added Nova Launcher (Nova Launcher @ XDA) to /system/app
  • Rebuilt with Email app (missed from app list in RC2)

RC2 - 3/6/2013
  • All prior optimizations ported to 4.2.2

RC1 - 12/15/2012
  • APN Settings Editor Preference no longer a dialog (exposed actions)
  • Phone Settings (and its children) no longer dialogs (fixes SIP Providers Editor)
  • Google TTS SMS message playback on receipt (Selectable in Messaging Options)
  • Orientation Sensor supported Dialer

V3 - 12/9/2012
  • Fixed Location Services
  • Added PRODUCT_MANUFACTURER to build.prop
  • Removed (broken) Voice Dialer
  • Built with AOSP 4.2.1 Tilapia Device profile (true tilapia)

V2 - 12/8/2012
  • Added Camera
  • Fixed Orientation Sensors
  • Added AOSP NotePad
  • Added Tethering & SoftAP
  • Added SuperSU - Please buy SuperSU Pro
  • Added /system/bin/ for ease of rw mounting

V1 - 12/7/2012
  • Built from grouper 4.2.1 source branch
  • Full Telephony
  • Included MMS
  • Android full APN list

GwT Source Repository

Comments (9) -

Can you make a version that supports Grouper? Or will this version support Grouper already? I want the native SIP dialer on my Nexus 7 Smile

Hi Marc,

GwT does not perform a board check so it should install just fine on Grouper.  You may want to go into the resulting init.d and comment out loading as it serves no purpose with no radio present.

Hope this helps,

It works! That's great. Thanks.

Giovanni Gomez 2/13/2013 1:49:27 PM

Great work.  Can you share how you made the phone dialer appear?  I would like to enable it on the latest CM10.1.


From this:
I can see you are working on trying to get Nexus 7 gsm phone call.

Since I not a developer, I not sure if this help or not.

I have come across to this website:

Seem he have working on ModemManager.  Not sure if this help.

If purely not related, just ignore my comments.


Does this rom still contain native game pad support over OTG cable? I've got a Logitech game pad that works on stock but doesn't on this rom. The N7 behaves like it's not connected at all. On stock games will recognize it as valid input and the Android UI itself can be navigated with it.

The rest of the rom is excellent and fixes a lot of things Google should have just left alone. Keep up the good work!

All we need now is for someone to figure out how to mod the radio firmware so we can make GSM calls.

Giovanni, I enabled the dialer by doing a couple things... you have to include full-telelphony (or its underlying packages) in the file, you need to grant the GSM permission (xml file), and you need to enable voice_capable in the main booleans.xml.  You can find all my changes here:

MyGalaxy, I have very little hope of fully GSM voice enabling the N73G.  It's going to take someone with more time and talent than me to get it working.

Mike, I know that native OTG works because I use it all the time with my Adaptive Tuner software.  However, I have no experience with anything gamepad specific.  Curious, does it still not work after installing the recommended Google Apps pack?

I was actually using RC1 w/gapps and hadn't noticed RC3 was available until I ran into the XDA thread the other day. I didn't see RC3 on the blog until now.

At any rate I already installed it with the gapps pack and the controller functions as normal. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong before but it's clearly working now.

My apologies for the lack of upkeep for GwT's actual landing page.  RC6 was released to XDA last night and all home references have been updated.

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